woensdag 30 maart 2011

Rachel Freeman

This sun enjoying duck is a collage from Rachel Freeman.
More collage art you can find on her website.

Thanks a lot, Rachel, also for your flowers and bookmarks!

maandag 14 maart 2011

Elena Gjorgjievska (2)

Not only beautiful color pencil drawings of Sea horses, also these Birds were made and sent by Elena Gjorgjievska from Macedonia.

What else to say than these birds are beautiful!

Thanks a lot, blagodaram, Elena!

Elena Gjorgjievska (1)

From Macedonia Elena Gjorgjievska sent beautiful color pencil drawings of real weird animals: the Sea Horse!

In fact the sea horse is a fish, though a vertical swimming one. The sea horse has some similarities with other weird animals: like a chameleon he/she can move the eyes independently; like the marsupials, he (!) has a pouch, in which the young sea horses can grow; and like swans, most male and female sea horses stay together for their entire life.

Blagodaram, Elena!

woensdag 2 maart 2011


After receiving a cute Tarsier in black-and-white from Belgium, now a colourful Tarsier has come from Utopia, France.

This beautiful Tarsier has been painted/drawn by "E".

"E" has great mail art blogs:
Sleeplessnesses and Mail Art: Insomnies et Art Postal
Gallery of Mona (Lisa, La Joconde): Galerie des Mona
and of course (the Embassy of) Utopia: Utopia.

Merci beaucoup, "E"!

dinsdag 1 maart 2011

Fleur Helsingor

This Brown Rockfish and Starfish live in the San Francisco Bay Aquarium in California, USA.

This beautiful designed photograph (with such a special, nice glance of the Rockfish) was made and sent by multi-talent Fleur Helsingor from the USA.
This rockfish doesn't swim around much, she writes: it finds a place on the sea floor ad just hangs out.
In this picture the rockfish is lying on a small ledge, while the starfish has fastened itself to the glass of the tank next to it.

Fleur also made this nice fish 'small graphic' (to which the Oakland post added some rubber stamp print).

At her website there's an interesting list of mail art projects.

Thank you very much, Fleur!