maandag 24 oktober 2016

Hana Ehagaki (3)

The Moray Eel I always thought a dangerous fish for its sharp teeth and strong jaws. Fortunately both the fish and the lady, but also the postcard and the postmen survived the journey from Japan to the Netherlands.

The addition to the 'What or whom is she staring at?'-lady has been created by Hana Ehagaki. Thank you very much, arigato, Hana!

dinsdag 11 oktober 2016

Ruud Janssen (6), Cavellini

I was pleasantly surprised and felt very much honoured when I opened Ruud Janssen's wonderful painted envelope.
Among nice sheets and ephemera he also sent me this sticker, showing a Cow. A special one: this one had been created by Cavellini, who gave this sticker to Ruud in 1991.

On the envelope Ruud added a matching postage stamp:

I can't remember having seen Cavellini's Cow before, but I must have been unconsciously inspired by the shape of this cow when I created my own Cow recently. Later I learned of Rocola's Bull stamp, but that is a different one.

Thank you very much, Ruud, hartelijk dank voor deze bijzondere verrassing!

dinsdag 4 oktober 2016

Katerina Nikoltsou (22)

Always a pleasure to receive Katerina Nikoltsou's original works of art and to add it to this 'real weird animals' mail art collectiom. The Snail Mail Snail I recognized immediately, but for my records I'm happy that she wrote the names of the unidentified animals: 'Strange Critters'.

On the back artistamps, among them the Fish dada artistamp by Keith S. Chambers, and Katerina's selfie by "E":

The postage stamp on the envelope is issued in honour of the 'Greece in Russia' year:

And on the back Katerina's (and Athena's) famous wise Owl on a stamp print:

Thank you very much, ευχαριστώ, Katerina!