zaterdag 31 juli 2010

Ola Helland

I feel honoured to have received the very first entries to the RealWeirdAnimals project from Ola!

The Beaver - 'Bever' both in Norsk and Dutch - drawn with just a few lines tells a lot. And opens my eyes: a funny thing is that certain animals of which I always thought they were common (and which I wouldn't expect to be sent for this project), aren't that common at all!

Beavers indeed have peculiar things. The flat broad tail, their ability to build dams and lodges, their webbed hind-feet and orange teeth... Indeed a real weird animal!

Similar weird is the Giraffe, with his/her long and strong neck, noteworthy spots and blue tongue.

Great drawings, I'm happy with them, tusen takk, Ola!

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