woensdag 24 december 2014

Micu (3)

This mail art was created by Micu. So sweet! This tiny bird and rabbit (or hare) have arrived safe and sound, to wish me - and all of us/you Happy Holidays!

Thank you very much, Micu!

zaterdag 20 december 2014

Carina (2)

Over a month ago it was International Banana Day, and I received and sent Banana Mail Art.
In some of the mail art, when looking closer, there were some animals, too!

This one I received from Carina from Finland. It's a nice looking animal: the 'Gordeldier' ('Belt animal') we say in Dutch, or 'Vyötiäiset' in Suomi, also known as the Armadillo.
And see the special stamp: honeycomb shaped, as if the Finnish mail has cooperated with the Bees!

Thank you very much, Carina!

Vizma Bruns (4)

Vizma Bruns made me extremely happy by adding a lot of Platypus to her mail art. As you might know, all animals are my favourite animals, but some animals are a bit more favourite than others. The Platypus is one of them.

On the back of the envelope some beautiful rubber stamp prints. Among them many fish, an Octopus and the famous Bunny:

And inside, among others, a Painter / Artist. Some people consider painters / artists as a weird kind of humans, too, and we all know (but some of the same 'some people' don't like to concede) that also Humans are Animals :-)

Thank you very much, Vizma!

donderdag 27 november 2014

GX Jupitter-Larsen (2)

The same envelope by Ruud Janssen appears to be a source of various interpretations. GX made them. I already was spoiled by beautiful animal stamps, and am happy to see many more of them. Thank you, GX Jupitter-Larsen!

maandag 24 november 2014

Micu (2)

Micu from Hungary has send me a beautiful Fish, which is a surprisingly piece of recycling art.
Cardboard and plastics are common materials to recycle into mail art. But this is the very first time that I see medicine packaging turned into art!

Depending on the direction from which the light comes and the amount of light, this fish is changing colours, exact as happens when the fish is swimming in the sea:

Thank you very much, Micu!

For the ones who would like to create mail art (not from pill packagings specificly), and who don't know where to send to: check Micu's great project Mail a Smile.

For the ones who are interested in the recycling art creating process and/or need more ideas: check her recent blog on this subject! In case you don't use pills and don't know anyone who uses them, there are several other sources, like bubblegum packaging, etcetera.

maandag 27 oktober 2014

John (3)

Postcard made by John. He makes great photos and had this card made for Eva's 'La Vache Qui Rit' mail art project, but - lucky me - he had a second copy of this cow card, of which I am the happy receiver.

On the back nice animal stickers and a suitable cow stamp. Although in my country we consider the highlanders as 'wild' cattle, and they are released in natural landscapes to graze and by this manage the flora.

Thank you very much, John!

Mail Art Martha (5)

Mail Art Martha surprised me, not only with a new version of her wonderful envelopes showing a horse stamp and postman Kevin. But also with a nice booklet. Great beach sketches!
With some great animals among these, too. The Sea Duck, the Pigeon, a and several Human beings.

Thank you very much, Martha!

donderdag 16 oktober 2014

GX Jupitter-Larsen

Obviously not meant for this Real Weird Animals site, but thanks to the animal shown on the postage stamp - the Sea Cucumber! - and thanks to the fact that I thought this a clever use of someone else's envelope (I don't think it would be named 'recycled art', do you?), the work of art is posted here.
Mail art from the mysterious GX Jupitter-Larsen, or also - that is, the front of the cover - by Ruud Janssen, as I had received the envelope (you see the original below on the left) from Ruud before :-)

Sea cucumbers are funny animals. In Dutch we have the same name: zeekomkommer (komkommer = cucumber), but the animal looks even more complicated than a green cucumber.

GX added some notes on waves (see above on the right, click to enlarge). Very inspiring to add some waves to. But where to send to?

And the back of the envelope is a delight, too. Interesting writing, great rubber stamp prints and beautiful postage stamps. Thank you very much, GX!

woensdag 1 oktober 2014

Nico van Hoorn (3) & Jaap-Aap (1)

Recently I drew the two famous fellows Jaap-Aap and Edmund, and sent it to Jaap-Aap and Nico van Hoorn.
And very soon after, Nico sent me Jaap-Aap's kind reply: a view inside of the Personal Photo Album of Jaap-Aap!

With a nice portrait / whole body picture.

And Jaap-Aap standing in an amazing watery landscape! Fortunately the Bear didn't notice nor ate Jaap-Aap.

Jaap-Aap watched an interesting Bird...

...And did his own laundry!

He also appeared to be an experienced operator of the mixing panel (I was not sure whether Jaap-Aap was mixing sounds or mixing lights, or both, or if he was operating the railway logistics, but after some investigation I found out that Jaap-Aap was making Radio!)

Meanwhile I could enjoy a picture of a pictogram, a person pushing the pedestrian's traffic light button.

And Jaap-Aap started to create Art.

Thank you very much, Jaap-Aap and Nico, hartelijk dank!

woensdag 17 september 2014

Katerina Nikoltsou (12)

Usually Fish need to be afraid of nets. This time the Fish is the net!

Thank you very much, Katerina, for this original animal!

vrijdag 12 september 2014

John Edwards (2)

Similar to the Blobfish, the Dumbo octopus - named after the famous little long-eared Elephant - is living in deep sea.
With his/her large eyes it's a cute looking animal.
Similar to the previous drawing of the Blobfish I love this drawing, which also has been created by John Edwards.
The mail machine has added some interesting small hole (bottom middle) in this card, but fortunately John's autograph is still there.

Thank you very much, John!

donderdag 11 september 2014

Nicole Eippers (15)

Nicole Eippers always makes beautiful collages. This time it's a desert lizard, the Thorny dragon (Moloch horridus), who ran into my mailbox. With of course Nicole's famous Pig, and the beautiful Belgian Butterfly stamp.

Nicole is an official Pig collector, so check her incoming mail art and have yourself inspired: I think she'll always appreciate new Piggy mail art!

Thank you very much, merci beaucoup, Nicole!

John Edwards (1)

The Blobfish is an intriguing animal, and I was very happy to receive this great drawing and background information from John:
"The blobfish lives off the coasts of Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand. It is a deep sea fish. Its flesh is a gelatinous mass with a density less than water.
It is now an endangered species."

By the way, I found a short movie about the Blobfish, in which you can see how the Blobfish is supposed to look like when he/she is in his/her own environment, in deep water. See this link.

The stamps show another endangered Fish, the Wolffish (and three ladies who turned their backs upon them, leaving the Wolffish behind in bewilderment).

And the air mail sticker in a good place :-)

Thank you very much, John!

woensdag 10 september 2014

Dean, Artist in Seine (3)

If you look close, you can see two small parts of them: chips!
Together with the Fish it would be a well-known English dish, but of course I prefer to see them swimming, these Fish!
Created and sent from a place close to the Seine, by Dean.
With also some interesting information about sharks:

Thank you very much, Dean!

Angela Behrendt (3)

Smiling young Wombat, one of the marsupials of Australia. Well, I'm not sure if this joey is smiling, because at this age, she should be inside the Wombat mom's pouch.

Anyways, I'm glad this interesting animal is joining us! Created and sent by Angela Behrendt from Germany.

Herzlichen Dank, Angela!

Kim JungYoun

Beautiful Bird and beautiful message. Created and sent by Kim JungYoun from Korea.

She also added beautiful stationery, and this suitable postage stamp from Japan - I love vegetables on stamps, and I'm sure the Dove has enjoyed the corn during the trip, too.

More animals on the envelope, and/at amazing beautiful postage stamps!

Thank you very much, Kim!

dinsdag 9 september 2014

Stripygoose (3)

'Beetle ventures outdoors' - indeed a weird, and nice, animal. Put on paper and sent by Stripygoose from the United Kingdom. And see that also nice little Bird on the address side!

Thank you very much, Stripygoose!

donderdag 21 augustus 2014


While the postcard is a regular one (see below, a beautiful picture of a Sea Lion and Fish - Striped salemas), the back side of this card which Postmuse sent to me is postally interesting!

It shows the new international postage stamp, and by the First Day of Issue postmark I learned that the theme is 'Sea surface temperatures'.

And, most mailarty: Postmuse added a great rubber stamp print of a tiny visual poet Snail Mail Snail!

Thank you very much, Postmuse!