maandag 29 juni 2015

Hana Ehagaki (2)

This beautiful goat drawing has been issued on a postcard. I was so lucky to receive this card from the designer herself, Hana Ehagaki from Japan.
And look at the great Goat stamp and suitable green stamp!

Thank you very much, Hana!

zondag 28 juni 2015

Henry Denander

Some time ago I drew a Donkey for Henry's Donkey Mail Art Project, and recently I was surprised by receiving the documentation of his project, a booklet full of these dear animals!

The great booklet arrived in an envelope which I love, too: there are Donkey artistamps and rubberstamp prints!

Thank you very much, Henry!

zaterdag 27 juni 2015

Katerina Nikoltsou (15)

Onions and Gorillas, a weird combination, though not so weird when you consider the (mis)spelling of the Union.
Great collage, created by Katerina Nikoltsou from Greece.

On the envelope the famous wise Owl. While the back of the mail art card shows the one who brought me this wonderful mail art from Katerina: the Mail Pigeon!

Thank you very much, Katerina!

John Edwards (4)

The regular postcard below wasn't the reason for posting this great mail from John Edwards, even though it shows British Wildlife, because a regular card isn't mail art. But look at that drawn Snail on the backside (see above)! Great Snail Mail Snail!

Thank you very much, John!

donderdag 25 juni 2015

Otto Sherman

Otto Sherman from the USA created a lot of great artistamps showing famous or notorious people.
I was happy to also receive these cow and rat artistamps and cockroach rubber stamp prints, because I love more to post lovely and useful animals (yes, real rats and cockroaches really are!) on this Real Weird Animals blog than not-so-friendly human 'beasts'.

Check Otto's website for more of his mail art.
Great drawing, too!

Thanks a lot, Otto!

woensdag 24 juni 2015

Eva (15)

Sometimes you can find mail art in tiny edges of the post. In the Year of the Sheep Eva drew me this beautiful sweet Mail Sheep in a corner of the back side of her envelope.

Inside the envelope she sent two sheep postcards. Among them this great postcard from Estonia, showing Sheep, pictured by Estonian photographer Mihkel Valdma.

dinsdag 16 juni 2015

Nicole Eippers (19)

Already as a child I was fascinated by the Axolotl. In the seventies I had a book from the Artis Zoo in Amsterdam, in which there was a black and white picture showing this amazing weird deep water amphibian.
Nicole Eippers sent me a coloured version of axolotls from Belgium, along with two of my other favourites: a Snail and a Mole. And of course her famous Piggy mail art pig.

Hartelijk dank, merci beaucoup, Nicole!

maandag 15 juni 2015

Keith S. Chambers (2)

Is it a Dog? Is it a Wrench? It is a Wrench Dog!
Created by Keith S. Chambers, this beautiful work of mail art titled 'Wrench dog', consisting of the African Wild Dog and an adjustable wrench.

Thank you very much, Keith!

vrijdag 12 juni 2015

Stripygoose (7)

Awesome colourful Bird from Stripygoose.
And on the back anopther Bird, and Butterflies.
Thank you very much!

Katerina Nikoltsou (14)

Katerina Nikoltsou from Greece surprised me with an awesome invention: the Baggy Boekie! A booklet made out of paper bags, so with room for more mail art.
She was so thoughtful to add some animals to it, so I have a good reason to post it here! (Or was it the 100 euros with which she bribed me to do so? :-) )

I always love to see Katerina's Mail Pigeon. And of course the other animals, a Hummingbird on the front side (see above), and a frog:

And - watch out for them, dear birds and frog! - inside two cats:

And inside the inviting small envelope she added washi tape in my favourite colour!
Thank you very much, Katerina!

zaterdag 6 juni 2015

Ciara Barsotti (2)

Beautiful pet Rat drawn by Ciara from the USA on her mail to me.
THank you very much, Ciara!

maandag 1 juni 2015

Diana Hale

This beautiful Fish print has been created by Diana Hale from the USA.

Inside the envelope was this postcard, showing the Philpott Lake. Diana sent it to me and to several other people to add to it and return, on behalf of the Philpott Lake mail art project. I have several ideas on what to add to it (or delete from it, or remove some parts). The ideas still are fresh and green, so what it will become, time will tell :-)

Mail Art Martha (7)

This Mouse jumped into our house, thanks to Mail Art Martha!

The mouse is a mammal, similar to mankind and to superheroes.
Martha's envelope contained several of them. Most important is this hero: the Postman!

In the Queendom in which Mail Art Martha is living, it is Postman Kevin who supplies Martha of all kinds of delicious mail art.
A real hero, who deserves to be on a stamp himself, and fortunately Martha issued a Postman Kevin stamp. You can see the stamp showing Kevin here, and if you look close, an other Postman is honoured, too, by a rubber stamp print: the Snail Mail Snail!

These came on this great envelope (I love cartoons/comics on envelopes), front side and back side:

Also in this envelope these peculiar Medieval People flew into my house:

Thank you very much, Mail Art Martha!