maandag 30 januari 2017


Such a nice piece of surprise mail, this "Hello!" by friendly chicken, created by Karalie Vest and sent from the USA.

On the back side matchin Bird stamps, showing a Penguin and two Songbirds: the Redbird or Northern Cardinal and two Golden-crowned Kinglets (the latter's name I learned from the USPS site).

Thank you very much, Karelie!

zondag 29 januari 2017

Katerina Nikoltsou (24)

This envelope from Katerina Nikoltsou I received almost two weeks ago. I had to wait patiently, but finally - today! - I was allowed to open it.

And yes! It is Year of the Rooster mail art!
Thank you very much, Katerina, Happy New Year of the Rooster to you, too!

The back side showed an unexpected colour (unexpected, I mean, I don´t know why I always think of blue and turquoise when thinking of Katerina :-) )

donderdag 26 januari 2017

Eva (25)

This pretty illustrated envelope I received from Eva. A cute Cow, and see what this Mail Bird holds in the beak!

On the front side Eva created a wonderful typography.

Thank you very much, moltes gràcies, Eva!

woensdag 25 januari 2017

FinnBadger (6)

The year 2017 just has begun. And within a few days the Year of the Rooster will begin.

FinnBadger created this wonderful and cute design which combines the two years: the number 2017 and the young Bird, dreaming of, and/or becoming a Rooster.

More great Birds, and Year of the Rooster stamps, on the envelope.

Thank you very much, FinnBadger, and Happy New Years to you, too!

dinsdag 17 januari 2017

Tonipoet (7)

A Bug, Monkey and that poor* Sloth united in this beautiful collage by ToniPoet from the USA.

(* had to walk all by him-/herself, while that other sloth was more fortunate)

On the envelope more animals show up, so to see the Snake and Lizard hardly escaped from the USPS inking seasonal machines!

And a leaded / stained glass like image (Marc Chagall's?),

and on the back side of this paper some other (human) animals: soccer players:

Dancers / twisters:

Last but not least Toni added some money: fluxus bucks!
Great to see how this bank note traveled via several mail artists.

Thank you very much, Toni!

woensdag 4 januari 2017

Amuldo (5)

Happy New Year wishes from Amuldo!

A Bird, Cst, Llama, triangles and Christmas tree. They came in this great envelope:

And inside the envelope also a triangle,

which, when unfolded, shows this interesting call for mail art. Almost four weeks left before the deadline of Amuldo's TRAssshART project:

Thank you very much, hartelijk dank, Amuldo!

Katerina Nikoltsou (23)

Happy 2017 from Katerina!

On the back nice circles, and in the envelope she added a great Bunny Reindeer, a personalized one, even, showing my name.

The envelope shows animals, too, a friendly Bear and a Rabbit.
And see the #safetypin, symbolizing solidarity! I recognize it from Thom Courcelle's mail art.

Thank you very much, Katerina!

dinsdag 3 januari 2017

Angie & Snooky (2)

Only less than four weeks to go and the Year of the Rooster will start!

This wonderful Rooster ATC has been created and sent by Angie.

The Rooster was accompanied by this mushroom collage. I wonder if Roosters/Chicken eat mushrooms at all?

Thank you very much, Angie, and to you and Snooky and all beloved ones, Happy 2017, too!

Antonia Mayol (5)

Also best wishes for this New Year I received from Antonia Mayol Castelló from Spain.

The animal - besides Humans - which gives me an alibi to post her great mixed media mail art is this Rooster:

I used to create origami chicken like this (and when I folded the legs inwards, it became a Duck).

This Rooster isn't alone, together with Bella Lola he shows up in this composition:

See more art by Antonia on her blog.

Muchas gracias, Antonia!

maandag 2 januari 2017

Hana Ehagaki (4)

The New Year 2017 has begun. Some weeks before the new year I received this great drawing, printed on a postcard, by Hana Ehagaki from Japan.
The Shoebill Stork is a quiet and impressive bird. And this peticular one is extra dear because this bird brings... Mail!

Hana also has made these wonderful rubberstamp prints:

The Rooster on the stamp reminds me of the fact that the new year didn't start completely yet: it is still the Year of the Monkey, and the New Year of the Rooster will start within four weeks!

Thank you very much, arigato, Hana!