maandag 11 oktober 2010


Two animals were sent from Belgium by Mart1.
The Tapir, one of my favorite weird animals, you see below. And above you see the Blobfish!
Even if the fish him/herself wouldn't have been weird, he/she would be weird because of the name! Just have a try: say 'blobfish' to yourself 14 times while looking in the mirror with a serious face and try not to laugh!..

Though - the Blobfish indeed is weird! Living in deep sea (600 to 1200 meters, near Australia) a gas bladder, which fish usually have, wouldn't work. Instead of that, the Blobfish' flesh is a jelly-like mass. He doesn't need much muscles, as he just eats what comes close. Blob!

Blobfish and Tapir are accompanied by an interesting collaged envelop. When you take a close look at the backside, you can notice some butterflies, too!

Thank you, dankjewel, Mart1, voor deze verrassende bijdrage!

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