woensdag 24 december 2014

Micu (3)

This mail art was created by Micu. So sweet! This tiny bird and rabbit (or hare) have arrived safe and sound, to wish me - and all of us/you Happy Holidays!

Thank you very much, Micu!

zaterdag 20 december 2014

Carina (2)

Over a month ago it was International Banana Day, and I received and sent Banana Mail Art.
In some of the mail art, when looking closer, there were some animals, too!

This one I received from Carina from Finland. It's a nice looking animal: the 'Gordeldier' ('Belt animal') we say in Dutch, or 'Vyötiäiset' in Suomi, also known as the Armadillo.
And see the special stamp: honeycomb shaped, as if the Finnish mail has cooperated with the Bees!

Thank you very much, Carina!

Vizma Bruns (4)

Vizma Bruns made me extremely happy by adding a lot of Platypus to her mail art. As you might know, all animals are my favourite animals, but some animals are a bit more favourite than others. The Platypus is one of them.

On the back of the envelope some beautiful rubber stamp prints. Among them many fish, an Octopus and the famous Bunny:

And inside, among others, a Painter / Artist. Some people consider painters / artists as a weird kind of humans, too, and we all know (but some of the same 'some people' don't like to concede) that also Humans are Animals :-)

Thank you very much, Vizma!