dinsdag 12 mei 2015

Nicole Eippers (18)

An other couple of real weird animals, collage created and sent by Nicole Eippers.
I was wondering how these two are named - apart from the well-known Pig silhouet and Butterfly stamp. Fortunately Nicole added some information: the one on the left is a Douroucouli, or Night Monkey, the only monkey who has a totally active night life.
And the - here big, but in real smaller than 1.5 mm - fellow on the right is a Tardigrade (literally 'Slow Walker'), also known as Waterbear, both names have been chosen for the way they walk.

Visual food for thought! Thank you very much, merci beaucoup, Nicole!

donderdag 7 mei 2015

Collaborating mail artists in London

[Please scroll down for English text]

Twee zondagen geleden ontmoetten de postkunstenaars Katerina Nikoltsou , Mail Art Martha, Scott 'Postively Postal' en StripyGoose elkaar in Londen.
Ik was ook uitgenodigd en had er graag bij willen zijn, maar helaas weerhielden andere verplichtingen me ervan de (onderzeese) trein naar Londen te nemen.
Gelukkig ben ik er toch een beetje bij geweest: in gedachten, en toen het illustere viertal mail art maakte, ook voor mij!
Dankzij de Vis, Vogel, Konijn en Kat hoort hun mail art ook op dit blog thuis:

Two Sundays ago mail artists Katerina Nikoltsou, Mail Art Martha, Scott 'Positively Postal' and StipyGoose had a meet-up in London. Also I was invited, but alas some other obligations made me not take the underseas train to London.
Fortunately I have been there a little bit, too, in a way: in thoughts, and when this special gang of four created mail art, also for me!
Thanks to the Fish, Bird, Rabbit and Cat I found a good reason to post this mail art here.

Thank you very much, StripyGoose, Scott, Martha and Katerina!

zaterdag 2 mei 2015

Troebel Neyntje

I've written about Troebel Neyntje on my 'sent' blog. I wished I'd live next to them!
In short, Troebel Neyntje is a gallery in Antwerp, Belgium, and a kind of home to several artists.
One of them is Bert Lezy, who drew this fantastic Dolphin for me.
Maybe he also created the Horse you see below, though I'm 84%, not 100% sure, because there are several other artists connected to this gallery, as you can see on their website.

The envelope also included a small card with a friendly piglet on the front side:

And the word 'achterkant' = 'back side' written on the back side:

Troebel Neyntje really spoiled me, by not only sending mail art but also two stickers. Among them this one. It's from the Bond tegen Veiligheid, which says that 'safety/security ruins more than what is dear to you'.

At the moment the Troebel Neyntje gallery is exhibiting painted bags. You can visit this exhibition until the 24th of May 2015, on Thursdays till Sundays afternoons. So if you happen to be in Belgium, be sure to take a visit and enjoy the flauwekul (intranslatable Dutch/Flemish word) and other artistic expressions by this great group of artists.

Thank you very much, hartelijk dank, Troebel Neyntje!

vrijdag 1 mei 2015

Eva (14)

Beware of Giraffes! They can eat rainbows!

I never knew this wonderful fact, but now I know, thanks to Eva who send this beautiful drawing from Spain.

Thank you very much, moltes gràcies, Eva!

Annabel Magan

Awesome cat drawings by Annabel Magan from the Netherlands!

I felt even more honoured when I opened this envelope and saw this drawing of a famous rock singer Annabel had sent to me (guess who - I think it is clear for the 30+ among us, or for the 30-minors too, as this singer and her band are coming to the Netherlands for a concert this year, exactly in a month).

Annabel has created many great line drawings, which you can see on her IG account.
I did not know that she also designed other kinds of illustrations until I saw this 'Mik in West' design on this map which she included also. No need to say that I feel double, no, triple lucky, as I always like to see drawings of animals (including men) and love maps, too! Thanks a lot, super bedankt, Annabel!

Nicole Eippers (17)

Nicole Eippers always succeeds in surprising me again and again by her beautiful collage mail art.

This time she found curious leaves who turn out to be butterflies.

She sent an other great piece of mail art, which I'll blog one of the coming days (first have to find out which weird animals are shown there, or at least how they are named in English :-) ).

Check out Nicole's website to see more beautiful collages.
And of course you can send her your piggy mail art.

Dankjewel, Nicole!

Jan Hodgman

Is it a Dog? Is it a Fox? It is a great mixed media piece of Mail Art created by Jan Hodgman!

Thank you very much, Jan!