woensdag 20 april 2011

Eva Albiol

"Absolutely all animals are weird...
... but some of them even can FLY!"

This beautiful collage was made and sent by Eva Albiol.

Not only the birds and the bee can, in the mountains also the Chamois and the Ibex fly, in a way!

Moltes gràcies, Eva, per aquest bonic collage i segells!

Heinz Lotz

This intriguing animal was sent from Germany and has been made by Heinz Lotz. I think it must be a Looster or Rion (lion-rooster)!?
And oh, pity: Seems like the tail doesn't agree with the direction this animal is walking into...

Talking about directions: note the address below. A recycled address!

Herzlichen Dank, Heinz!

woensdag 13 april 2011

Lutz Beeke

This great Weird Available Animal was noted and sent by Lutz Beeke from Germany.

Seems this dog has been lost, and / or is waiting for someone who went by train (the location is the Berlin Alexanderplatz railwaystation). Hope this dog soon will find what he or she's looking for.

More art work by Lutz Beeke you can find here.

Great backside, too! Fortunately the postman wasn't confused by the two addresses nor by the stamp direction. The postcard was delivered in my mailbox!

Herzlichen Dank, Lutz!

dinsdag 5 april 2011

Miranda Vissers

This peculiar 'Paasvlinder' - 'Easter Butterfly' collage was made and sent by Miranda Vissers from the Netherlands.

A funny odd animal. Even more weird is the fact that around Easter, the Easter Bunny is carrying around eggs ('Easter Bunny' in Dutch is 'Paashaas', literally 'Easterhare', no bunny!).
So maybe an Easter Butterfly is less weird. After all, unlike the rabbit, the butterfly is an egg laying animal!

Note the Mail Art flowers and leaves: they have been made from 25 cents and 1 gulden (Dutch florin) postage stamps from the pre-Euro era.

More art work by Miranda Vissers you can find here and here, and her contribution to Your Doctor in Mail Art is this beautiful one.

Many thanks, hartelijk dank, Miranda!