donderdag 21 augustus 2014


While the postcard is a regular one (see below, a beautiful picture of a Sea Lion and Fish - Striped salemas), the back side of this card which Postmuse sent to me is postally interesting!

It shows the new international postage stamp, and by the First Day of Issue postmark I learned that the theme is 'Sea surface temperatures'.

And, most mailarty: Postmuse added a great rubber stamp print of a tiny visual poet Snail Mail Snail!

Thank you very much, Postmuse!

Dean, Artist in Seine (2)

This delicate collage mailed art was created and sent by Dean from France.
Posted here of course because of the little Bird in the right corner, and the Mammal name written on the vinyl. Well, research reveiled that this Mink is not a blue animal but a collection of singing humans.

The French post was so kind to wrap it, but I'm sure Dean's mail art would have arrived well without a cover also. Anyway, I like postal additions like this.

Thank you very much, Dean!

maandag 11 augustus 2014

Anu Chathampally

Green Octopus swimming in orange sea. Created and sent by Anu Chathampally from the USA.
My scan alas isn´t able to show all beauty in this mixed media work of mail art. The round things, for instance, look pale in this digital version, but in real they are bright orange.
Love it! Thank you very much, Anu!

zondag 10 augustus 2014

Katerina Nikoltsou (11)

The Whale is an imposant animal. The clock (time!) and sea blue sea make clear who the sender is: Katerina Nikoltsou from Greece!

On the back a Greek mail pigeon as artistamp, as well as the artist herself.

And on the envelope Katerina's characteristic rubber stamp prints. Plus an official postage stamp showing Mount Olympus (where the ancient Greek gods used to live - they still do, but I am told that the Olympus has been moved and nowadays is situated in a location above New York City).

Great work of mail art, thank you very much, Katerina!

zaterdag 9 augustus 2014

Luiza Alexandra Lewczuk

A book and a Dog, in this nice mixed media collage they form a good combination, so to see. Created and sent from Brazil by Luiza Alexandra Lewczuk.

Thank you very much, muito obrigada, Luiza!

Nancy Dornelles

Horses and men, atmospheric drawing created and sent by Nancy Dornelles from Brazil.

Thank you very much, muito obrigada, Nancy!

woensdag 6 augustus 2014

Clark A. Dissmeyer

A long time ago Clark A. Dissmeyer surprised me by sending an envelope, which contained comic books. I am a lot behind in posting mail (and in replying..), but finally here it is!
'Mushy', who you can see above, is a character which has been created by Clark. Although not an animal, this friendly mushroom could be one due to the fact that he walks and talks and observes, and experiences adventures.

The other comic book in the envelope had been drawn by Lara McCoy-Rolofson after a story of the German film director Fassbinder.
The snail of course took my attention and is a good alibi to post a tiny part of the received mail here at Real Weird Animals. (Gutenachtgeschichte = Bed time stories.)

More work by Lara you can find on the internet, for instance here, there, and at Etsy. And some more info about Clark Dissmeyer you can read here.

Back to Mushy. Some people will be happy to see the real animal on bottom, however Mushy himself is less happy at that moment. Fortunately Mushy survives this incident and will be back in a next edition of his personal comic serie.

Thank you very much, Clark, and again apologize for the very long delay in my reply to you!