zondag 24 oktober 2010


As I did before, also now I hesitated to open Snappy's beautifully packed entry, because the glimmering plastic of the envelope, the postage stamp, the par avion sticker and the Snappy Service Stamp are too contributing to the Mail Art work to be removed...

But the instruction sticker told me to do so, so here is the unveiled work:

Lots of weird animals are shown. The Penguin, a funny favourite friend. The Leaf-tailed gecko and, on the Canadian postage stamp, the Golden-eyed lacewing. On the drawing a Wolf teaching Geese (? I think) to read.

And of course Humans.
One of the weirdest (and imho one of the most foolish) things Humans can do is wearing guns and using them. So I prefer the man with the magnifying glass, of course.

Note the - for any animal useful - message (white letters on blue background) on top!

See more work by Snappy on the Snappy Service website.

Thanks a lot, Snappy!

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