maandag 25 november 2013

Kerosene (6)

Beautiful stamped bird and drawn feathers, as well as great encyclopedic ATC's. Love it!
Created and sent by Kerosene from Canada.

Thank you very much, Kerosene!

Nico van Hoorn (2)

I always love the Pinguin and moon stamp from Nico van Hoorn. And, similar to the Deer and Godwit on the front side of the envelope, now the pinguin is not alone anymore!

Below a picture of, er...? Beautiful colours in any case!

Thank you very much, hartelijk dank, Nico!

vrijdag 15 november 2013

Eva (8)

Three birds in one: the Dove (who brings peace), the Crane (used in the Lufthansa logo) and the famous bird Tweety (who can fly and run!).
Created and sent by Eva, who also created this typographic - I love typography! - envelope.

Fortunately the Cat has his eyes covered, so he'll leave the birds in peace this time.
And no, the envelope isn't upseide-down: it now clearly shows the Arab letter 'H'!

Thank you very much, Eva!

donderdag 14 november 2013

Thom Courcelle

Received from Thom Courcelle, right in time for Halloween, All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day.
As we don't celebrate any of these days at all I didn't know which day this picture concerned exactly, the skeleton seems to be suitable for the three of them (and I published it 3 days after Saint Martin's Day :-) ).
Anyhow: the message is a true one! And reminds us of celebrating Every Day that we're able to get up to behold the world and to be and have friends.

Thank you very much, Thom!

woensdag 13 november 2013

Guido Vermeulen (5)

"From R. Budha Thokhi (Nepal) and Guido Vermeulen (Belgium) based on the reflections by Gaston Bachelard (France)", the back side of this beautiful insect card says.
I'm not sure whether the insect is a cockroach or a longhorn beetle or any other insect, but his/her philosophic and poetical talents are awesome anyhow.

'Qui faire si on n'existe pas?' - 'What to do when one doesn't exist?', these two (existing? non-existing??) people are saying on the front side of the envelope. Created and all sent by Guido Vermeulen.

Together with this nice booklet. I still didn't find the perfect way to show books well in this blog, but be sure, Guido, that I'm enjoying it, thank you very much!