donderdag 23 februari 2017

Connie Jean (5)

This photo, Scurry no. 18, is a documentation of contributions (including my Squirrel) which Connie Jean received for her Squirrel Museum.

Also a Squirrel on the envelope, and more.

Thank you very much, Connie!

woensdag 22 februari 2017

Micu (6)

Happy Worms and searching Birds, watched by her, and added to my 'what or whom is she staring at?' card by Micu.

This year, Micu has a wonderful mail art project, themed endangered animals. Please check her website and join!

The stamp shows Penguins, the European Ground Squirrel, and real braille.

Thank you very much, Micu!

Anna Banana (2)

An Elk on stamp, a hairy but dada shaved Human Being, Anna herself, more Humans, and lots of bananas. Received from Anna Banana from Canada.

The postcard shows the cover of one of the VILE Magazines, issued in 1976.

NEver forget to brush your teeth, even after eating bananas.

Thank you very much, Anna!

Amalgamated Confusion (5)

Great front and back side, created by Keith S. Chambers.

This mail art arrived already some weeks ago, but today is a good day to post: today (21st of February) is one of the Banana Days.

(btw, I don't know the name of the postal artist who did add the line instead of a postmark.)

Thank you very much, Keith!

zondag 19 februari 2017

Minneapolis Gnome (2)

Pleasantly surprised I was by the mail Minneapolis Gnome has sent me at the start of this year. A tiny calendar!
It landed at my place already weeks ago, and finally I found the time to scan and show you some parts of it. On one of the pages the Rhinoceros shows up, which Minneapolis Gnome had sent me last summer.
On top you see the Rooster (or Hen?), perfectly matching for this New Year

And below an activity known and dear to many of us:

Also Minneapolis Gnome knows the art and craft of spinning (I can't, fortunately they do), as you see here:

This #safetypin heart and these safety pins and words I think a beautiful piece of hope. Safety pins have the ability to connect, as have all humans. So I hope they - we all - should be and feel connected. Even though sometimes hope and connection are preceded by a safety pin-prick!..

Two Gnomes, cosily chatting and knitting:

On the front page of the calendar a good warning. That you shouldn't drink and drive is clear. The modern danger lies in app-and-drive, or snapchat-and-drive, or check-email-and-drive, or text-and-drive. Or whatever. But don't, while driving!

The calendar and drawings came in a colourful envelope. Great 3D coloured pencil rub art!

Thank you very much, Minneapolis Gnome!

zaterdag 18 februari 2017

Katerina Nikoltsou (25)

A red Rooster and a blue Owl. And much more! Created and sent by Katerina Nikoltsou from Greece.

On the back (of front) of the above, she added a wonderful water colour in blue:

And a collage in darker colours (and a moon),

The envelope shows a human being, a Greek goddess:

Also the stamp shows a human being.
(I wonder why John Catsimadis appears on a Greek stamp and why wikipedia tells about him in English and Russian only?)

Thank you very much, Katerina!