maandag 9 mei 2011

La Fee Verte

This beautiful colour pencil drawing of the (tiny and dangerous!) Red and Blue Poison Dart/Arrow Frog has been made and sent from Belgium by La Fee Verte.

Truely a weird animal, by it's obvious colours and poison skin.
Besides that, this frog also has some other - to us humans recognizable - features: unlike many other amphibias these parent frogs care for their offspring. Father frog helps to keep the eggs hydrated, and after the eggs hatch, mother frog transports the tadpoles on her back to some water-filled location like a bromelia axil.

Not to forget the - typical La Fee Verte styled - Humans on the envelop!

More work by La Fee Verte you can see on her website, and more about La Fee Verte you can see and read on her blog.

Hartelijk dank, Fee Verte!

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