maandag 29 augustus 2016


"Sqoxes are surprisingly good at snorkeling. They hide their best nuts in ziplock bags under rocks as no one ever finds them there (often this includes themselves as they are terribly forgetful)."

I am a big fan of Pufflingspaintings' paintings. I learned to know the painter via Instagram. You can find her also on Twitter and Etsy. Every time her illustrations of the adventures of Sqox and Unicorn succeed to cause a big smile on my face.

"Just having a little lunch."

Some time ago, after a conversation we had on instagram about nuts, I decided to send her my version of Sqox, accompanied by some delicious chestnuts.
And some time later she surprised me with these great illustrations.

Some summer views of Unicorn.

Thank you very much, Pufflingspaintings!

vrijdag 26 augustus 2016

Nicole Eippers (25)

The Lyrebird is an amazing ground-dwelling Australian Bird.
This beautiful collage has been created and sent from Belgium by Nicole Eippers.

Along with the famous Flying Pig.
See more mail art by Nicole her 'piggy own mail art' website.

Hartelijk dank, merci beaucoup, Nicole!

woensdag 24 augustus 2016

Katerina Nikoltsou (21)

This wonderful envelope arrived from Greece. It has been created by Katerina Nikoltsou, and is one of the typical 'reversed envelopes' design.
Inside this envelope Katerina has put Banana mail art, a Minion, a Boekie (to be added to and returned) and so-called trashpo.

the Minion:

Greek Dada Trashpo Owl:

It's clear that I have to add to and return this boekie to sender:

On the back side of the envelope these Cats on washi tape:

Thank you very much, Katerina!

donderdag 18 augustus 2016

Cuan Miles

Awesome Bird drawings/collages by Cuan Miles from South Africa.
Both the Hadeda Ibis and the Trumpeter Hornbill are quite big, noisy birds.
The Ibis lives in the big wild fig and coral trees and loves to eat bugs and worms.
The Trumpeter Hornbill eats berries, geckos, frogs, bird eggs, and makes a sound comparable to someone learning to play the trumpet.

On the back sides Cuan added beautiful stamp prints and labels:

And another Bird on the great envelope, the Tristan Albatross:

and don't forget to check Cuan's Curious Collage website!

Thank you very much, Cuan!

maandag 15 augustus 2016


This piece of mail art I received via Postcrossing.
Many postcrossers do not want to receive handmade cards and don't send out mail art at all.
But sometimes a postcrosser does, and I always think it a both a pleasure and a treasure, to receive mail created by hand, thus with extra attention.

Recently I received this lovely Owl, which has been made by Mihaela from Bulgaria. She has made it with some help of her elder sister Desi.

To the accompanying letter Mihaela added some more nice (sticker) animals:

And to the envelope a Butterfly stamp.

Thank you very much, Mihaela, Благодаря!