dinsdag 19 september 2017

Jimmy Connors (4)

A - usually enormous but this time mailable - animal arrived in my tiny P.O.Box!

He/she has a Bauhaus nose:

A 'sports and social security' spine:

A friendly face and strong legs to carry the enormous body:

Did I see it right? Yes, indeed he or she is...

... An Elephant!
All the way from Germany, thanks to Jimmy Connors.

Thank you very much, herzlichen Dank, Jimmy Connors!

maandag 18 september 2017

Pap & Mam

I started the project already in 2015. And it took me almost two years before I realized: Why not send one of the 'What or whom is she staring at?' cards to the ones who are not on the internet, who are not creative in public, but who at least created me to do so?

Some weeks ago I sent a blank 'What or whom...' card to mam and pap (mum and dad). The latter added this landscape, the cows and some food for thought to the card, and the two of them returned the result to me.

In a few weeks, in the first half of October, both of them will turn 85. They have reached an age of frailty. Nevertheless I hope we will be able to continue this freshly started mail exchange for a long time.

Dankjulliewel, pap & mam!