donderdag 14 oktober 2010

Josh Ronsen

I am not sure if Josh Ronsen meant this postcard for the Real Weird Animals project, but I found it in my Postbox and it is an Animal, even a weird animal, and it is Art. So I felt free to show his amazing a-n-t ant here.

Ants... What to say more about these busy useful creatures... They are small, meanwhile they are great. Selfish (when it comes to protect their nest) both unselfish (offering themselves in favour of the whole Ant people). Small enough to be tramped, but also strong (ever seen an ant carrying a piece of a leaf more than twice as big as the ant?).

Multi-artist Josh Ronsen had and has various Art projects, among them the recent Mail Art project Tiny Art Exchange. Learn more about his projects on his website.
And.. Enjoy many more Mail Ants on Josh Ronsen's astonishing Mail Ant Project page!

Thanks a lot, Josh, for this visual-poetry-calligraphics-mail-art animal!

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