zondag 25 oktober 2015

Eva (18)

The most wonderful Animal I have ever seen, I saw today for the very first time in real!
The Fishus Globetrottus, also known as the Globetrotter Fish, was sent to me by Eva.

I think it is an Animal to whom I feel very familiar with, even though I don't have gills anymore.

In case you didn't hear of the Globetrotter Fish before, Eva was so kind to provide us with some scientific information:

The Globetrotter Fish arrived in a colourful envelope, showing aquatic Fish and other Sea Animals.

Fortunately (for me) the envelope first had been returned to sender, and fortunately (also for me) Eva did a second try to send it to the Netherlands. Fortunately for the two of us this time it arrived well, and by it's extra journey, oh fortune, I got an extra Moroccan Fish stamp!

Thank you very much, Eva, moltes gràcies, I love it!

zaterdag 24 oktober 2015

Borderline Grafix (2), Samantha Althoff (1), Jan Hodgman (2)

Some months ago I sent out a Soccer Field Aad-And-Pass to Samantha Althoff in the USA. To my surprise not only she, but also Jan Hodgman and Borderline Grafix have added to it, before returning it to me (which was a surprise to me also, as returning to me wasn't 'obligatory').

Above you see the wonderful result. No soccer players, but amazing Animals and other beautiful additions.

The AAP came in an envelope, with the Mink (Minxus) stamp you see above, and with an interesting photo from Borderline Grafix.

Thank you very much, Samantha, Jan and Borderline G.!

woensdag 21 oktober 2015

Tammy Riggins

Great mail art envelope, created and sent from the USA by Tammy Riggins.

The Fox and Dog of course lead me to add her mail art to this blog.

Inside there's this collage you see above. At first thought I'm seeing a face in it (humans are animals too, aren't they?!). However, with a less closer look, watching through the eyelashes and/or with some fantasy, you can see some feathered flying friends in it, too!

Thank you very much, Tammy!

zondag 18 oktober 2015


I was expecting a parcel from Spain. After many days, the waiting time turned into weeks. Within Europe, so much time? I was amazed...
Also the sender started to wonder where it would be.

Finally the parcel arrived, and the stamp on the box gave me the clue:

Sent to my country from Spain: via Canada!

Inside the box there was the most lovely Owlet: ho,owl!
He immediately joined me to enjoy my morning meal.

We know little ho,owl by his stories. Check the ho,owl website to learn more about this friendly Owl! And see ho,owl's instagram account for more adventures.

By the way, he had been sent to me because I had drawn him my favourite breakfast:

Thank you very much, ho,owl and Piter!

maandag 5 oktober 2015

Ti Ar Raden (2)

My favourite colours: turquoise and bright yellow/green!
The Snail, of course, doesn't need an introduction. But who is the other fellow? So to see this lovely yellow creature is a Leafy Seadragon, a family member of the Sea horse.

This great work of art has been created by Ti Ar Raden.

On the address side a beautifully written 'Thank you' (Mersi bras in Breton) with the famous Ermine, watched by the stamp Cat.

Mersi, trugarez bras, Ti Ar!

Paloma Paprika

Great mail art envelope...

... containing a kind message, at the backside of this interesting human / ape hand collage:

... and goodies and three great mini zines, among them this one:

... of which this is the inside:

... and this one:

... created and sent from Australia by Paloma Paprika. Thank you very much!