zondag 22 september 2013

Colin Scholl

Although we, many humans, think we are 'more' than animals, fact is that humans still belong to the large family of world fauna.
And this is not the first 'real weird animals' mail art with 'human beings' as a main subject. Dewi and Snappy and many more mail artists already contributed to this Odd Existing Animals project, intentional or not intending, by sending beautiful mail art.

This collage has been created by Colin Scholl from the USA. It reminds me of the fact that humans really follow weird instincts. Which raises very intriguing questions. High heels once were invented for good reasons: to not stuck in mud in former times when the streets weren't paved yet. And even men were wearing high heels in those days (for the Dutch-speaking, here's some explanation).
But why do high heels still exist? Why do (some, many, most?) men like to watch women's legs wearing this type of footwear, by which the wearer cannot flee in case of danger (maybe that's the reason!?! - however some ladies succeed!). Why do women pay a lot to wear footwear that not only causes hurt ankles but even hallux valgus?
So this beautiful collage indeed belongs to this mail art project.

On the backside of this beautiful collage Colin surprised with another work of art: a fine pencil drawing. Which raises other questions: who's this man pictured? What is he doing, is he dreaming of women's feet or is he philosophizing on the meaning of life? Is he suffering a head ache, rembering a nice day or simply sleeping?
We'll never know, unless Colin draws a sequel to this nice drawing.

Thank you very much, Colin!

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