woensdag 22 januari 2014

Claudia McGill

I'm not sure if this was meant for 'Real Weird Animals', but I see a friendly smiling Fish (or maybe dangerous? - see the mouth and eye one the left) in this acrylic painting, created and sent from the USA by Claudia McGill.
Black and turquoise, I love that combination!

On the address side a nice mixed media paint-collage work of art, and I also love the fresh light green. There's a person on the stamp - 'wisdom', has been written below the picture... Is it the God of Wisdom, or a Human? As I thought the god of wisdom always is a Goddess (Minerva, Pallas Athena), I will label/tag him as a Human being. The fact that wise human beings solve Rubik cubes, write complicated texts and so on, makes them a little weird, too.

Take a look at Claudia's blog, there are many nice, great works of mail art and other art!

Thank you very much, Claudia, for this pleasant surprise in my mailbox!

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