maandag 3 februari 2014

Chris James

This beautiful Elephant, a mixed-media drawing/painting, has been created and sent from Australia by Chris James.

The present digital technologies at my place do not give me the opportunity to share the beautiful change of light which one can see when you hold this mail art in the sunlight.
So I tried to make a video to do this. It turned out to be a completely different movie from the one I had planned to make to show you the wonderful lights on Chris James' painting.

But anyhow, if you look well, you can see some twinkeling lights on Chris James' painting on this improvised video. And hear the beautiful music I decided to add, music I remembered while watching Chris James' mail art from all directions. You can hear and see it here, until the doorbell ('beep') rings for the second time and brings us back to the daily live again...

Be sure to check out Chris' website, Artists for the Environment.

Thank you very much, Chris!

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