zaterdag 19 april 2014

Eni Ilis (2)

Colourful and interesting drawing created by Eni Ilis from Brazil. It arrived in this envelope full of colourful postage stamps - on which the Brazilian mail company has added cancellation stamps in a very mail-arty way.

I love guitars, so I'm very happy to see a part of a guitar on this beautiful envelope, too! Although guitars are not animals, but Musicians are a weird kind of human animals as well (according to the Musician within me).

Update 4th of May 2014:
I made also a photo of the inside of the envelope, which you can see below. Because I discovered such an amazing coincidental thing: inside there's a text about Caymmi. An interview with a Brazilian singer who says: 'Tudo em Caymmi me fascina' (which means: 'Everything in Caymmi fascinates me').
And I'm sure this must be Dorival Caymmi.
Dorival alas passed away in 2008 - and last 30th of April would have been his 100th birthday...
I happened to have made mail art on a text of a song by Caymmi two months ago to send to Ryosuke Cohen. He published it recently, in Brain Cell nr 885. I think it so coincidental!

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