zaterdag 7 juni 2014

Mathom House

A sweet collage arrived from Mathom House from Italy. Probably the Post has token something instead of adding lots of the usual additions, as Mathom House wrote that these puppies were accompanied by ice cream.
Nevertheless I think it a great collage; by the horizontal lines it makes me think of a nice variation on our flag.

The postage stamp shows the cartographer Martino Martini.

I am happy to read that Mathom House and I share a similar favourite animal: the Donkey. So now I know what mail art to create to send in return :-)
(Strange enough no one ever has sent Donkey mail art to the Real Weird Animals project so far - while I only did twice, you can find Donkeys here, on the 8th row, and here)

Thank you very much, grazie mille, Mathom House!

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