woensdag 30 juli 2014

Chocolatine et Stooby

On the artistamp on the envelope Chocolatine & Stooby had sent me, there's a beautiful bird: the Seagull!

And inside a great water colour painting of someone who reminds me of the fairytale Snowwhite. One can discuss whether dwarves, like smurfs, belong to the animal world (and 'thus' to this site), but as I wanted to post him, too, I think the answer tmo is 'yes'.

The artistamp is part of a mail art call: Pirate boat. I had a boat to draw in mind, but thinking of the link to this 'Real weird animals' blog, suddenly there came a lot of animals in mind which I could add to my pirate boat drawing to send to Chocolatine et Stooby. Animals other than pirates, like rats, the rat-chasing cat, parrots, dodos and prehistoric animals.

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