vrijdag 1 mei 2015

Annabel Magan

Awesome cat drawings by Annabel Magan from the Netherlands!

I felt even more honoured when I opened this envelope and saw this drawing of a famous rock singer Annabel had sent to me (guess who - I think it is clear for the 30+ among us, or for the 30-minors too, as this singer and her band are coming to the Netherlands for a concert this year, exactly in a month).

Annabel has created many great line drawings, which you can see on her IG account.
I did not know that she also designed other kinds of illustrations until I saw this 'Mik in West' design on this map which she included also. No need to say that I feel double, no, triple lucky, as I always like to see drawings of animals (including men) and love maps, too! Thanks a lot, super bedankt, Annabel!

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