vrijdag 12 juni 2015

Katerina Nikoltsou (14)

Katerina Nikoltsou from Greece surprised me with an awesome invention: the Baggy Boekie! A booklet made out of paper bags, so with room for more mail art.
She was so thoughtful to add some animals to it, so I have a good reason to post it here! (Or was it the 100 euros with which she bribed me to do so? :-) )

I always love to see Katerina's Mail Pigeon. And of course the other animals, a Hummingbird on the front side (see above), and a frog:

And - watch out for them, dear birds and frog! - inside two cats:

And inside the inviting small envelope she added washi tape in my favourite colour!
Thank you very much, Katerina!

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