maandag 20 juli 2015

Kerosene (8)

Seldom I've seen such a filled and beautiful my-first-letter!

Created and sent by Kerosene from Canada, along with more 'H's'.

Kerosene also sent a call for mail art: Vanitas.

And an add-and-pass, first sent by Fleur Helsingor to Kerosene, then added to and passed to me by Kerosene. See the front and back side here below.

I will add something to it. Let me know in the comments if I shall forward it to you!?!

Thank you very much, Kerosene!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hello Heleen;
    Nice to see my sendings were well received.
    The "H" and it's legend are by Leslie Tillett and come from her "Plant & Animal Alphabet Coloring Book". I have a lot of animal stuff!
    The add-n-pass also includes Colin Scholl.
    Thanks again. ~ k

  2. Thank you for your additional information, Kerosene! And again thank you for your great mail art!