zondag 25 oktober 2015

Eva (18)

The most wonderful Animal I have ever seen, I saw today for the very first time in real!
The Fishus Globetrottus, also known as the Globetrotter Fish, was sent to me by Eva.

I think it is an Animal to whom I feel very familiar with, even though I don't have gills anymore.

In case you didn't hear of the Globetrotter Fish before, Eva was so kind to provide us with some scientific information:

The Globetrotter Fish arrived in a colourful envelope, showing aquatic Fish and other Sea Animals.

Fortunately (for me) the envelope first had been returned to sender, and fortunately (also for me) Eva did a second try to send it to the Netherlands. Fortunately for the two of us this time it arrived well, and by it's extra journey, oh fortune, I got an extra Moroccan Fish stamp!

Thank you very much, Eva, moltes gràcies, I love it!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. It was really fun to prepare this mail for you, so I'm happy that it made you smile :D

  2. A smile from ear to ear :-)
    Thank you!!!