zondag 20 maart 2016

Ti Ar Raden (3)

This wonderful Goldfish, designed by Ti Ar Raden, was sent on a special day: 29th of February, also known as Leap Day ('Schrikkeldag' in Dutch). You can see this special date on the postmark, thanks to Ti Ar who went to the post office especially for this!

I am posting this Goldfish on an other special day. Today is the very first day of Spring in the northern hemisphere: the sun crosses the celestial equator and equalizes night and day. This astronomical vernal or northward equinox marks the beginning of spring in our northern hemisphere.
For the ones who wonder what a Goldfish has to do with this: in exact the same time (this year on 20th of March, 4.30 am UTC or 5.30 am European time) Now Ruz starts, the Persian New Year!
Part of the celebrations is keeping or buying a goldfish (see for instance the Iranian movie 'The White Balloon'). The bowl of water with goldfish (Pisces) represents life within life.

Both in front and on the back Ti Ar added great clock stamps. Which makes the circle round: clocks also were exchanged by Ti Ar, me and a few more mail art colleagues: to celebrate New Year's Eve on 31th of December, so for the European New Year!

Thank you very much, trugarez bras, Ti Ar!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Happy Nowruz!
    I hadn't realised the spring was already starting. It's cold around here.

  2. Fantastic leap day mail. And last week was spring here, this weekend is back to winter.