zaterdag 21 mei 2016

Ruud Janssen (5)

Last year there was a 'Big Draw' event in the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum, where we had the opportunity to draw after real models. Among them there was Ina, who wore a large green dress, and I drew her a few times. One of these drawings I turned into a postcard, to send out to other mail artists. The title of the drawing is 'What or whom is she staring at?", and I hoped my colleague mail artists would add their ideas to and pass on or returned. And they did!

This addition has been created by Ruud Janssen. He got this Cow stamp from Robert Rocola. Great to see what she is seeing. Thank you very much, hartelijk dank, Ruud, for sharing with us!

You can see more additions, by various mail artists, in the 'What or whom is she staring at?'-IUOMA group.

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