donderdag 6 april 2017

Sonia Egorova (2)

Oh, how I love this drawing by young artist Sonia Egorova!
Eduard Egorov, who provided the mail art with beautiful animal postage stamps and a wonderful Tree stamp, told that Sonia's mail art had been sent in October 2016 already.
However, after four months Sonia and Eduard received it in return.
First I was wondering why. But now I realize that it has to do with the season.
Russian and Dutch Post wanted to prevent these little creatures from freezing. головастики, also known as kikkervisjes, also known as tadpoles, don't florish in autumn or winter, they grow best in Spring!

So this time they used an envelope, and it arrived well (some weeks ago already).

Eduard enclosed this call for mail art: Irises. An interesting theme I'd like to join (is it the flower? the colourful part of the eye? the arco-iris, rainbow in Spanish?)
See for more information the Irises Art website.

Большое спасибо, Соня и Эдуард!

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