woensdag 23 augustus 2017

Carina (4)

Did I ever tell that Platypus mail art steals my heart?
Carina had the Platypus do so, by sending a wonderful piece of mail art from Finland.

Well, at first sight it was not clear. A brown envelope, showing a mushroom stamp.
And a Robot...

... or not a Robot...

But when I opened the envelope, I saw the beautiful Platypus you see on top!

Also inside, an original piece of great art by Carina, titled 'Roots':

When looking further, there suddenly appeared two cousins, two Monotremes... My favourite Australian mammals!
An other Platypus...

... and the Echidna!

Finally a nice piece of mail art, to which I hope to add something soon because it is missing something, so I can return it to Carina:

Thank you very much, Carina!

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