maandag 31 maart 2014

Evrika Junglle / Planer

I always am very happy when receiving mail art. However sometimes it isn't easy to find out who has sent it. Which is both a nice puzzle and frustrating :-)
Sometimes I never get to know who the creator / sender is, and sometimes there is doubt.
The latter is concerning this beautiful rubberstamp-drawn-written piece of mail art, of which it took me three days to try to find more info about the sender. And still in doubt.

Is it from Planer (who is Planer)? Is it from Vladimir Tolstov? Do I read well that the first name of the drawing artist is Evrika? Evrika Junglle??
The stamp reveals (viva los postage stamps!) that it has been sent from Russia, so probably not sent by the one who added an artistamp and suitable postage stamp, A. Moreno.
While 'Prolaventa' combined with Maya (see below) reminds us of Evrika Junglle.

Enough about question marks. Let's start to enjoy the mail art! Probably not meant for this mail art project, there are so many great animals shown that this mail art needs to be shown here. too.
The interesting drawing above. Alas I don't speak Russian, but this round-mouthed person seems to say 'ОПЯТЬ ДЫРЫ!?', and according to online translators this means 'Another hole!?'! Good work by the Rodent.
The human being is shown both on the artistamp and the postage stamp, and see the Mail Turtle rubber stamp, the Turtle hard working delivering snail turtle mail!

Inside the envelope beautiful ancient Maya art, combined with contemporary Maya art rubberstamp prints.

Great rubberstamp prints on the back of the envelope, too. The Kangaroo, an extraordinary Marsupial from Australia, and a Jaguar, I think it is, from the fact that this dotted Feline is located close to the word Jungl(l)e.

The word RUSFORMA stands for Russian Uncommercialy Sociocultured Formation Of Reunion Mail Artists.

Thank you very much, спасибо!!

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