vrijdag 28 maart 2014

Pietro Romano Matarrese

This unidentified Real Weird Animal I received from Pietro Romano Matarrese from Italy.
He created it in a wonderful way: by lemon juice on paper.
And also sent it in a extraordinary way: already framed, ready to be put on the wall!
The glass was a little harmed by the travel through the mail, but despite of the little edge broken, it arrived surprisingly well.

Pietro Romano Matarrese is a multi-artist. Both painter and professor/teacher, musician and composer. You can find more information about Pietro in his biography.

An other surprise Pietro has sent, is his CD, named U.P.H.O. (Unidentified Playing High Object). On this CD a variety of instrumental compositions played on electric guitar.

The front cover has been cleverly made: when you look close, you can see the so-called Droste effect:

Thank you very much, grazie mille, Pietro!

For anyone who's interested to see/hear more from Pietro Romano Matarrese:
Pietro Romano Matarrese at MySpace: myspace.com/pietroromanomatarrese.
More paintings.
Music videos on Vimeo: vimeo.com/pietroromanomatarrese.
His recent album 'Drink' at Amazon and at iTunes.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Nice mail (though a bit dangerous to send glass by snail mail!). But how do you know the unidentified animal is existing?

  2. Good question!
    Well, I just know that the creature on the artwork is :-)

    Besides that: there's also a guitar player pictured. And as you know, human beings (and musicians specificly - I'm a musician too) are definitely weird existing animals either :-)