donderdag 5 maart 2015

Cheryl H.

Mail Art, like any snail mail, can't exist without the Snail Mail Snail!
Cheryl H. from the USA created this great traveling snail (on the artistamp below you can see how he/she travels the whole world!).
Cheryl founded an IUOMA group on Snail Mail Preservation Art, and writes these wise words:
"In an effort to preserve Snail Mail via the postal service, we can send a postcard with a message/ artwork visible on one side of the postcard that can be seen both by the postal worker and the recipient of the card. You can send a postcard to anyone OR someone who is in this [IUOMA] group. The goal being to support the postal service as well as to enliven recipients' and postal workers' day."

So true! In the past years, here in the Netherlands many postal workers got fired, and the ones who kept (or re-gained) their job got worse labour contracts. The days of delivering have been reduced from 6 days a week to 4 (officially, but in real I see new mail arrive in my mailbox on less days a week). In many countries the official post offices are vanishing, in our country the last post office already has closed it's doors in 2011, to be replaced by service points in regular shops (by the way, my present stamp dealers are friendly and hard working people, too, but I feel that mail isn't a primary core thing for them as it was for post office employees). And recently I heard a very sad news about the Canadian post, who is step by step stopping home delivery to many Canadians!..

That said, and Cheryl's message read, I think it's time for all of us to send out snail mails!

Thank you very much, Cheryl!

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