donderdag 12 maart 2015


Having been born in the Year of the Dragon, I always love to see Dragon mail. Receiving such mail makes my day complete!
FinnBadger created this beautiful one. In real it's even more beautiful, because the lines are shining silver and gold, and of course I love this cobalt blue background.

Gold is also on the postage stamps, issued by the USA post for the Lunar / Chinese New Years.
The scanned images don't show it that clear, but if you look close to the left upper corners of these stamps, maybe you see them: the Rat, the Snake and the Goat.

FinnBadger has some interesting and awesome websites, be sure to take a look at:
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- mail art:
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Thank you very much, FinnBadger!

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  1. Hi, Heleen. Glad you like the dragon and the stamps. And thanks for the links to my blogs. The Letter a Week ones are not mine, just ones I belong to (although I did not create letters in 2014).