dinsdag 19 september 2017

Jimmy Connors (4)

A - usually enormous but this time mailable - animal arrived in my tiny P.O.Box!

He/she has a Bauhaus nose:

A 'sports and social security' spine:

A friendly face and strong legs to carry the enormous body:

Did I see it right? Yes, indeed he or she is...

... An Elephant!
All the way from Germany, thanks to Jimmy Connors.

Thank you very much, herzlichen Dank, Jimmy Connors!

maandag 18 september 2017

Pap & Mam

I started the project already in 2015. And it took me almost two years before I realized: Why not send one of the 'What or whom is she staring at?' cards to the ones who are not on the internet, who are not creative in public, but who at least created me to do so?

Some weeks ago I sent a blank 'What or whom...' card to mam and pap (mum and dad). The latter added this landscape, the cows and some food for thought to the card, and the two of them returned the result to me.

In a few weeks, in the first half of October, both of them will turn 85. They have reached an age of frailty. Nevertheless I hope we will be able to continue this freshly started mail exchange for a long time.

Dankjulliewel, pap & mam!

dinsdag 29 augustus 2017

Nicole Eippers (27)

Nicole Eippers created an other beautiful collage, showing several special animals: a Sloth, a Mole and of course the Piggy.
They came along with a Butterfly stamp.

And to my surprise this time I could open the paper: it was an envelope.
Inside I found Nicole's wonderful drawing, a contribution to the 'What of whom is she staring at?' mail art project.

And a vintage piece of paper, with lovely drawings and Nicole's famous Flying Piggy stamp:

Thank you very much, hartelijk dank, Nicole!

maandag 28 augustus 2017

Connie Jean (6)

Connie Jean, curator of the Squirrel Museum, created this colourful Bird mail art to send to me.

Fortunately I still noticed Squirrels, this time on the back of the card:

Thank you very much, Connie!

zondag 27 augustus 2017

Jimmy Connors (3)

Collage of a weird looking/watching Human being, created by Jimmy Connors from Germany.

On the back side stamps showing sporty people. Jimmy added kind words about the Dutch women's soccer team who has won the European Championship recently, and I think it great he has added a German women's soccer stamp to the text also.
And as a mail lover I of course like the handwritten addition on bottom (about the space, intentionally left blank) and the fact that the Post couldn't resist adding some orange and dotty letters to it.

Thank you very much, vielen Dank, Jimmy!

zaterdag 26 augustus 2017

Patricia Landon (2)

Two Butterflies, a Mermaid, Human Beings and a succulent. And orange mail. Created and sent by Patricia Landon from the USA.

The back side of the Butterfly card is orange as well, and has been posted in IUOMA's Orange mail art group:

Thank you very much, Patricia!

vrijdag 25 augustus 2017

FinnBadger (13)

From Canada, via the USA, this great map envelope arrived. Created by FinnBadger.

Inside a restaurant's paper, and the ones who know me, immediately will see which words made FinnBadger think of me (thus add it to his mail) :-)

Also inside the envelope a regular postcard. Usually I don't post official postcards on this blog, but it is a nice and matching illustration, and the Bear increases my alibi to post FinnBadger's mail art here :-)

Thank you very much, FinnBadger!