woensdag 29 september 2010

Carolien van der Gaag

The Heron!
Such a common bird, I always thought, as the heron always is around in our country. In the park, in the zoo (as a free bird, where he/she likes to snatch the zoo animals' food), on top of the street-lights, houses, schools, etcetera.
But this beautiful painting by Carolien van der Gaag changed my mind. The Heron indeed is a weird - and interesting - animal!

I once saw a documentary about the heron in the big city (titled 'Schoffies', which means 'Rascals'). And I'm sure, if I'll see this documentary ever again, thanks to Carolien's choice this will be with a completely different view.

Beautiful also is the completely painted A4 sized envelope.
With on the backside this goose...

... and in front this parrot.

On the backside of the Heron there are a lot more to think about!

Finally, very happy I also am with this mail art postcard! Which shows a cute interaction between the two pictured birds.

Thanks a lot, hartelijk dank, Carolien!

zondag 26 september 2010

Guido Vermeulen (2)

Guitar playing Byrd or saxophonist Bird or a real winged Bird?

Anyhow, this second beautiful painted envelope Guido Vermeulen sent from Belgieque as an answer to my contribution to his Jazz project is a beautiful one!

Hartelijk dank, Guido, ook voor je tekst en gedicht!

zondag 5 september 2010


Amuldo sent me this amazing squirrel. 'Amazing', not only amazingly pictured but - to my opinion - also amazing looking into and considering the world as if he or she is wondering about all things which can be seen.

The question the Squirrel (de eekhoorn) asks is 'Do you think me weird?'
Well, agreeing with Dewi's choice, my answer would be, with a respectful smile: 'So what if the answer would be 'yes'? Aren't we humans weird, too?!'

P.S. note the fine artistamps!

Amuldo has a great call for mail art: 'project 55'. See for more details this website.

Thank you, dank je voor deze bijzondere eekhoorn, Amuldo!

donderdag 2 september 2010

Guido Vermeulen

Again a great example of how Mail Art is Mail Art and not only Art!
This (Friour approved!) beautiful envelope arrived from Belgium and has been made by Guido Vermeulen.
I imagine the flowers on the stamps once were growing in the landscape, even though their colours and contrasts might be a bit too mild...

In the envelope Guido also sent contributions to the Your Doctor in Mail Art project, and left me confused: what to publish where?
So I choose the poem to be there, and the explanation how Guido painted the painting/drawing above here.
The last paragraph reminds me of the movie about the boy who drew black drawings... With a message which gives hope (I think)...

I hope you are o.k. with my choice - hoop dat je het o.k. vindt, zo!
Hartelijk dank, Guido!

Please note the Network site friour.multiply.com and the personal blog of Guido Vermeulen.
And for everyone who loves music, check his call for mail art.