woensdag 12 januari 2011

From the Sketchbook series (1)

Twimc: the Weird Existing Animals also in 2011 is open for entries! So your weirdest animal drawing, collage, painting still is welcomed here!

As it has been silent in my mailbox, I'd think to post an entry here myself. I'm glad to announce that I finished my Sketchbook for the 'Sketchbook Project' today, and sent it to Brooklyn this afternoon.
The theme I choose for this first sketchbook was 'This is not a sketchbook'. And some of the pages are dedicated to, of course, animals. This page is one of them.
Which of these animals would be weirdest?

Update: Good news on July 9th 2011: the people of Art House Coop have digitalized my 'This is not a sketchbook' book. So you can see the complete 'This is not a sketchbook' now online here!