maandag 25 juli 2011

Miguel Jimenez

A 'Thank you' card, probably not intended for this Weird Animals project, but sure well-matching, this beautiful work of mail art by El Taller de Zenón from Spain.

(Besides the Bull Human another animal on this nice Butterfly stamp!)

More about El Taller de Zenón you can find on the website.
Past and present mail art projects you can find here.

Muchas gracias, Miguel!

zaterdag 23 juli 2011


This wise looking giraffe I received from Eva from Spain.
Despite the giraffe's opinion I'm convinced giraffes truely are weird animals, having their long neck and spotted skin.
But probably, conversely they will think us humans weird, having short necks and short front legs!?!

Moltes gràcies, Eva, for these sweet and happy giraffes!

zondag 17 juli 2011


I feel very happy and honoured to be the receiver of the very first postcard made by Daniel (sent from the USA)!!
I love coloured pencil drawings, and I love pelicans, who are weird, too, having a large bill with a distendible pouch beneath it.

Daniel made me curious, there is something he knows and I don't: who is hidden in this Brown Pelican's mouth? Definitely this 'Help!' crying creature isn't as lucky as Marlin and Dory in Nigel's pouch.

Together with the beautiful drawing I received this photo postcard with more information about this kind of Pelican. So I learned the Brown Pelican is the Louisiana State Bird (strange enough we don't have a Dutch provincial or even national bird, as far as I know) and that the young pelicans feed by sticking their heads into the pouch. The Brown Pelican has been in danger of extinction, but thanks to extensive conservation efforts this marvellous bird has been making a comeback.

Thank you so much, Daniel!


What a big surprise to find this wonderful Lion - very properly titled 'The Wonderful Lion' - in my mailbox!
Zoë from Louisiana, USA, created this unique coloured (or colored, I never know the difference) pencil drawing and I am happy to receive it!

Lions indeed are weird animals: why only male lions do have manes, and their male cousins, for instance tigers, lynxes and domestic cats, haven't?!

Thank you very much, Zoë!

woensdag 13 juli 2011

Isabelle Paris

This beautiful collage, made by Isabelle Paris, survived a postal journey, sent on the outside of an envelop from France.
I'm not sure whether the animal is a weasel or an ermine in summer fur, but definitely he/she is a mustelid and feels home in this beautiful garden! And did you note the camouflaged frog?
Funny is the stamp, to my surprise it's the very first cat in this project!

Inside the collaged envelop I found another collage treasure: a sweet giraffe calf. While the adult giraffes have small horns on their heads, the newborn ones seem to have a kind of dark hair instead.

More work of art by Isabell Paris you can see on her website, Postalement votre !.

Merci beaucoup, Isabelle!

dinsdag 12 juli 2011

Tanya / Andy

Although not a self-made postcard, these Weird Animals I definitely think worth adding to this project.
Postcrosser Tanya sent me these. Not only the pink cows are weird (weird not only because they're pink: regarding well, even a usual cow has a lot of peculiar characteristics, I think), but also the beautiful owl, the humans (musicians!) and the deer/bird/butterfly-pottery on the stamps are great!

спасибі, Tanya!