zondag 25 november 2012

Nicole Eippers (8)

Another animal from the Treehopper's family: the larvae of an Anchistrotus.
And more Pigs and of course the Swallowtail on the stamp keep on being suitable animals for this mail art project, too!

Thank you very much, Nicole, for this amazing weird animal!

maandag 19 november 2012

Eva (4)

As round as a Gouda cheese, almost all elements of this nice mail I received from Eva.
'La Hollandaise' means 'the Dutch woman', and aren't they weird, the Dutch? According to Mr. John Dowie they are, so this mail art is published here.

Both cows and goats offer milk to make cheese of. So do sheep (not on these pictures), and I always think it interesting to see how goats' and sheep's eyes' pupils are horizontal / oval - even rectangular if you look well.

Thanks a lot, Eva!

zaterdag 17 november 2012

Guido Vermeulen (3)

'The Singing Bird on Stage', created by Guido Vermeulen from Belgium.

The Owl is sitting on the head of the man of Delos, who expresses what he thinks of the Troika.

Hartelijk dank, Guido!

zondag 11 november 2012

XX Jones

Received from Austria, this amazing creature (which according to wikipedia alas doesn't exist in our present era anymore...).
Thank you very much, XX Jones!

zondag 4 november 2012

Nicole Eippers (7)

Wow, that's a clearly weird animal!
The Cladonota Benitezi is a member of the family of Membracidae, insects related to the cicadas and the leafhoppers.
Thank you very much, Nicole, for sending this weird animal which is new to me!

I found more pictures of these amazing creatures on this website, which says "Membracidae: Wonder of terrestrial biodiversity", but I'd rather say they seem to be extraterrestrial miracles!
This Benitez' treehopper is a cousin of the previously turned-into-Mail-Art Heteronotus delineatus.