maandag 20 juli 2015

Kerosene (8)

Seldom I've seen such a filled and beautiful my-first-letter!

Created and sent by Kerosene from Canada, along with more 'H's'.

Kerosene also sent a call for mail art: Vanitas.

And an add-and-pass, first sent by Fleur Helsingor to Kerosene, then added to and passed to me by Kerosene. See the front and back side here below.

I will add something to it. Let me know in the comments if I shall forward it to you!?!

Thank you very much, Kerosene!

zaterdag 18 juli 2015

Mail Art Martha (8)

I always love Mail Art Martha's Snail Mail Snail. This time the Snail came along with a well-known Owl on the envelope.

Inside the envelope Martha sent me a portrait, drawn / rubbed by Martha herself. And lots of coffee!

And she added music!! It's the second song I ever read and heard about mail art. The very first song I happened to hear yesterday, named 'Mailart dada skank' by Rod Summers and Tom Winter. You can find it at Rod's page, then scroll down and click the link to the song. I think Martha and I should collaborate to make Martha's mail art song into a hit, too :-)

Thank you very much, Martha!

vrijdag 17 juli 2015

Eva (16)

Until recently, Eva hosted the La Vache Qui Rit mail art project. The project officially has been closed now, but I will try to 'smuggle' a laughing cow every now and then into the project (sure I am not the only one, hope Eva won't mind :-) ).

On my turn, suddenly I was surprised by LVQR mail art from Eva!
As Eva wrote on the back, indeed I see some connection between the LVQR labels and the seasons.

Thank you very much, moltes gràcies, Eva!

woensdag 15 juli 2015

Nico van Hoorn (4) & Jaap-Aap (2)

Jaap-Aap (also known as Jaap-Aapje, Jaap-little-Monkey), here pictured together with Scrat, the famous Saber-toothed Squirrel, and an unknown fellow, is a nice guy from the city of Nijmegen. I think he lives at Nico van Hoorn's place, because Nico, who is a great Nimwegian photographer, is the one who takes pictures of Jaap-Aap, and is the one who has sent me pictures of Jaap-Aap in the past, and now.

Jaap-Aap is a Mammal, similar to the Lion (you see behind Jaap on the picture above, taken at the Kronenburgerpark), and similar to the Human Beings you see below. Nico sent this picture of urban art Humans some months before, and I thought the colour of the crocuses above suit well to the colours of the shielded-men-in-uniform below.

This urban art shows a black page in the history of Nijmegen.

Thank you very much, Nico, hartelijk dank!

Nicole Eippers (20)

The Okapi has been one of my favourite animals in my childhood already. So I am happy that Nicole Eippers found one and has sent me this Okapi from Belgium! By the way, the very first time that I saw an Okapi in real, was not so long ago, when I was grown-up for a long time already, in the Zoo of the Belgian city of Antwerp.

Merci beaucoup, Nicole!

zaterdag 4 juli 2015

Denise Souray

Wow, see this Dragonfly! Amazing mixed media mail art created by Denise Souray from Canada.
When I watched closer, I suddenly saw that this Dargonfly has been created from unexpected, yet so suitable material. Do you see it?

And funny, coincidental: recently I was thinking of creating Maple leaf mail art to send to some other mail artist in Canada (I had collected some maple leaves last autumn for this purpose). I still didn't find enough time to do so, however at the same time, overseas, Denise must have turned these Maple seeds into this beautiful fragile insect.

And do we call a dragonfly (in Dutch: libelle) sometimes a helicopter for the way he/she stays in the air at the same place for some time, the maple seed we sometimes call a helicopter, too, when we have it fall from the third floor and see it turn like helicopter wings on its way to the ground!

By the way: see these wonderful Dinosaur stamps, too!

Thank you very much, Denise, it's beautiful!

vrijdag 3 juli 2015

Erni Bär (5)

Behold the Llama!
Or is it an Alpaca?
Anyway, this animal traveled along with several Humans, and Kurt Schwitters, from Germany to the Netherlands in this great collage, created by Erni Bär.

Thinking of Erni's mail art, of course the Haptic Werewolf comes in mind, too, and fortunately the Werewolf also appeared on this collage.

Check Erni's websites: some of his own art, and received mail art.
Thank you very much, vielen Dank, Erni!