zondag 20 april 2014

Dórian Ribas Marinho

Beautiful designs of animals, created by Dórian Ribas Marinho from Brazil. The Starfish (a very special one), the Centipede and a Pig.

Muito obrigado, Dórian!

zaterdag 19 april 2014

Eni Ilis (2)

Colourful and interesting drawing created by Eni Ilis from Brazil. It arrived in this envelope full of colourful postage stamps - on which the Brazilian mail company has added cancellation stamps in a very mail-arty way.

I love guitars, so I'm very happy to see a part of a guitar on this beautiful envelope, too! Although guitars are not animals, but Musicians are a weird kind of human animals as well (according to the Musician within me).

Update 4th of May 2014:
I made also a photo of the inside of the envelope, which you can see below. Because I discovered such an amazing coincidental thing: inside there's a text about Caymmi. An interview with a Brazilian singer who says: 'Tudo em Caymmi me fascina' (which means: 'Everything in Caymmi fascinates me').
And I'm sure this must be Dorival Caymmi.
Dorival alas passed away in 2008 - and last 30th of April would have been his 100th birthday...
I happened to have made mail art on a text of a song by Caymmi two months ago to send to Ryosuke Cohen. He published it recently, in Brain Cell nr 885. I think it so coincidental!

woensdag 16 april 2014

Katerina Nikoltsou (9)

Another great animal found - and created - by Katerina Nikoltsou from Greece!
This happy kind funny weird unhurried animal is called the Sloth ('Luiaard', lazy bone, in Dutch).
Thank you very much, Katerina!

maandag 14 april 2014

Serse Luigetti (2)

Lots of animals in this mail art by Serse Luigetti from Italy. It shows that we have to take care of our world. As apart from the living eggheaded bird below on the right, and the humans on rubberstamp and postage stamp above, from the animals you see below there are only skeletons left...

Grazie mille, Serse, for this interesting mail art!

dinsdag 1 april 2014

Katerina Nikoltsou (8)

Nice experiment: take an addresslist of one of the Brain Cell Life Forms of Ryosuke Cohen, turn it into an envelope, choose one of the addresses, add a stamp and send!
Some envelopes don't arrive, and some do.
For instance this one! Sent from Greece by Katerina Nikoltsou.

Inside the envelope the Blue Bunny, and two cats, and the Ray Johnson Bunny. Animals who deserve to live among all other real (weird) animals here :-)

P.S. The Easter Bunny in Dutch we call 'Paashaas', which means 'Easter Hare'. While the two of them are different animals!

Thank you very much, Katerina!

Connie Jean

The Aye-aye already has been considered a weird animal a few times here (and there), but I've never seen this extraordinary fellow this close!
And until now I never realized that this ant eating mammal is so small. Thanks to Connie Jean we can see that he/she even fits in one human hand!

The envelope shows great rubber stamp prints. Among the famous Bunny and a glimpse of a Fish, also Alligators and a cool Armadillo.

More mail art by Connie Jean you can find on Mullet Mail.

Thank you very much, Connie!