vrijdag 25 september 2015

Nico van Hoorn (5) & Jaap-Aap (3)

Some months ago I bought my very first Instax camera. I still didn't try it, and then suddenly Real Instax photos landed in my mailbox. The senders being no one less than Jaap-Aap and Nico van Hoorn!

The postage stamp was a special one, too: showing Bob Bear, one of Jaap's and Nico's friends.

Here are more great Instax pictures, showing some other friends:

And a print. I feel spoiled!

Thank you very much, hartstikke bedankt, Nico en Jaap-Aap!

donderdag 24 september 2015

Katerina Nikoltsou (17)

Great Owl and Cat! Who else could have been sending this pretty mail art?!?...
Katerina Nikoltsou, of course, from Greece!

I've enjoyed summer, and now I think I am craving for chocolate. How come? :-) Thank you very much, Katerina!

woensdag 23 september 2015

Pepijn de Jonge

Pepijn de Jonge is a Dutch illustrator whom I got to know via Instagram.
He has published several books and went from the Netherlands to Vienna by foot.
He is creating a great serie of atmospheric illustrations for a book-to-be (please let him know if you happen to be or know a book publisher! :-) ), named 'A Concert for the Moon'.

He surprised me by sending this drawing, which I think is part of that serie.

On the envelope he added this nice artistamp:

Thank you very much, superbedankt, Pepijn!

zondag 20 september 2015

Nicole Eippers (22)

The Tarsier has been here before, and I've drawn one once, but every time each picture proofs it is an amazing animal. Those eyes...

Thank you very much, merci beaucoup, Nicole, for again a great collage!

zaterdag 12 september 2015

Otto Sherman (2)

Fish added to a famous fountain.
Created by Otto Sherman and sent to the Our Solitudes mail art project, but of course these fish belong here, too!

Thank you very much, Otto!

Nicole Eippers (21)

This amazing Fish is named 'Labre' in French. I looked it up, and there appeared to be more types of Labres. Finally I ofund out that this Fish' full name is the Labre à tête de mouton in French, or Asian sheepshead wrasse in English, or simply Semicossyphus reticulatus.

The great collage has been created and sent by Nicole Eippers from Belgium.
Dankuwel, merci beaucoup, Nicole!

vrijdag 4 september 2015

Sonia Egorova

I love children's drawings so I became very happy when this great drawing from a young Mail Artist arrived at my place.
The Tortoise and the Cat, created by Sonia Egorova from Russia.

She chose a suitable stamp, too, showing an other well-known animal.

Thank you very much, Sonia, большое спасибо Соня!