vrijdag 23 mei 2014

Galerie Le Lab

For the people who visit this Real Weird Animals website at a regular base it will be clear: I consider Humans animals, and Fish clearly are animals.
So the amazing combination of the two, Mermaids, must be animals who fit in this blog, too.

This jolly Mermaid has been created by Jean Claude Sarpi of Galerie Le Lab, as a reply to the Mermaid envelope I had sent to Marseille for the mail art project 'Mermaid in the port, queens of the sea...'.

And some land animals you can see on the postage stamp: a poor deer, attacked by a hunting feline and a man...

Nice detail (I think), added by the Post: the Marseille Post Office apparently considered this beautiful artistamp as a regular stamp.

Thank you very much, merci beaucoup, Jean Claude!

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