zondag 11 mei 2014


Along with the Birds on the envelope a very interesting mixed media mail art arrived, created by Petrolpetal from South Africa.
DId I say Birds? Yes! Note - besides the big fine drawn Bird - the Peacock feathers. And the bird on the South African Air Mail sticker! Funny that the Post has added the cancellation stamp in a similar direction to this sticker :-)

The mixed art consists of, if I'm correct, paint, stamp ink, serviette and plastic:

Petrolpetal also included this silver-lined paper. The stamp print must be a Feline. A Lioness, or Cheetah, so to see.

When I scanned it, the picture turned out to be totally different from what I saw (see picture above), so I also made photos, in which you can see the silver shining (see below).

Thank you very much, Petrolpetal!

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