maandag 26 mei 2014

Katerina, Angie and Matthew

Katerina from Greece met Angie and Matthew in the USA, and this collage is one of the results of their mail art collaboration. I am happy to have received it! And added it to this Real Weird Animals site, because there are several interesting animals in their mail art. Like this sea water horse above.

And an Octopus. In Dutch we call the Octopus 'Inktvis', which means 'Ink fish' (maybe this word exists in English, too?).
So I think it a nice coincidence that this amazing eight-legged animal has been printed thanks to an eraser stamp and... ink!

Katerina added stamp stickers of a wellknown character and her new friends: Alice, in Wonderland. Here meeting one of my other favourite animals, this time an alas extinct one: the Dodo.

Thank you very much, Angie, Matthew and Katerina!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. You are very welcome. Matthew Stolte added to it as well. He lives in Madison, Wisconsi.

  2. Thank you, the three of you (and Edmund and mini-Snooky :-) )

    I added Matthew to this blog post, too!