maandag 26 mei 2014

Ion Isaila

Great drawing made by Ion Isaila.

When someone sends mail art for this Real Weird Animals project, one of the first questions which come into mind is: Which animal this would be?
On the right I see a (wo)man, and on the left an, er...?
First thought this might be a Minotaur, the ancient Greek mythologic animal-man. But probably I'm wrong.
Well, in Art - so also Mail Art - it's never necessary to specify what the beholders (should) see. Look and think your own unique thoughts! Anyway, I like ballpoint drawings, so I'm delighted to have received this work of art from Düsseldorf.

I don't know how Ion knows that I like Smurfs, and I realize that this is the first time that someone addressed a Smurf directly to Real Weird Animals. Which brings a new question in mind: what type of animal would a Smurf be?!?

Thank you very much, Ion!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. What do you mean? A Smurf is a Smurf like a human is a human! Or are you asking for the scientific name? It must be something like "Schtroumpfus comunis" or "Schtroumpfus caerulis", isn't it?

  2. :-)

    Well, there is dispute on the question whether 'humans' are animals or not. And a similar question may arise concerning Smurfs!..

    (I thought Linneaus had chosen some Peyo-word for the scientific name. Smurfus peyonicus, or Pitufus peyoricus, or something like that?!?)