donderdag 2 september 2010

Guido Vermeulen

Again a great example of how Mail Art is Mail Art and not only Art!
This (Friour approved!) beautiful envelope arrived from Belgium and has been made by Guido Vermeulen.
I imagine the flowers on the stamps once were growing in the landscape, even though their colours and contrasts might be a bit too mild...

In the envelope Guido also sent contributions to the Your Doctor in Mail Art project, and left me confused: what to publish where?
So I choose the poem to be there, and the explanation how Guido painted the painting/drawing above here.
The last paragraph reminds me of the movie about the boy who drew black drawings... With a message which gives hope (I think)...

I hope you are o.k. with my choice - hoop dat je het o.k. vindt, zo!
Hartelijk dank, Guido!

Please note the Network site and the personal blog of Guido Vermeulen.
And for everyone who loves music, check his call for mail art.

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